Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Skip The Charades

"To keep your sense of humor intact,
Let's skip the charades,
You're seeing right through me anyway,
Can we just speak plain?"
Cold War Kids - Skip The Charades

This has been a very hectic summer. A few mini road trips and not much time to get anything done. What I do  have to show for it will be some cute new outfits after I finish splurging next week. Oh, and my response to an interesting prompt from Sydney.

Prompt: "A girl knows she is getting broken up with before it happens."

Say It

I want to see you say it. Say what we both know is hanging in the air between us like cigarette smoke that burns your eyes and coats your throat and makes everything uncomfortable. I want to see your lips form the belated words you have already said silently a dozen times when you squeeze my hand suddenly or look me uneasily in the eyes with a forced smile. It would be the first truly honest thing you have said to me in weeks, I suspect. I want to see you say it, because I cannot hear anything over my inexorable heartbeat pulsing noisily in my ears. I need validation to what we both feel, but neither of us can muster the courage to say: you don't love me anymore. Which raises the question of if you ever did. However, I bear no interest in that corner of the conversation, as I would be a genuine masochist if I went there. We sit here at the table across from one another, sodas untouched and sweating. You look uncomfortable as you try to find your voice and I cannot swallow this awful lump in my throat. I will offer no reprisal, just say it already and be my undoing.

Send me more prompts and I promise more optimism. :) Yay or nay on this one? 

I swear, Pretty Little Liars is going to give me a stomach ulcer. I've read the books, but obviously the plot line a bit different. Ugh, why can't there be two or three episodes a week? Oh, and despite my best efforts, I am now becoming addicted to Switched At Birth, too. I hate getting sucked into too many shows at once, but I could not find my remote and five back-to-back episodes later, I'm officially hooked. >_<

 I hope that you had a really good 4th of July. Mine was, except for my dad slightly burning his finger on a firecracker lol.

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Have A Rainy Day! <3