Thursday, January 27, 2011


"You're a carousel, you're a wishing well,
And you light me up, when you ring my bell.
You're a mystery, you're from outer space,
You're every minute of my everyday."
Michael Buble - Everything

Hi there! Let me start off with an apology for my technical difficulties (I could not even log on to post for a few days). Thank you, to whomever stuck with me through the computer problems. I had it taken care of and am ready to make up for lost time with (in order) the W.W. photo from last week along with this week's.

Bibbed Tank - Kohl's
Over-sized Cardigan - JCPenny's
Brooch - Antique Store
Skinny Jeans - JCPenny's

Plaid Button-Up Babydoll - Kohl's
Black Tank - Target
Compass Pendant - Charlotte Russe

Oh, due to my computer's not-so-metaphorical stroke, I could not make my friend's birthday post on time.
Well, better late than never. The song lyrics at the top go out to Dani! Happy Belated Birthday, hon! =D

I finished God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater the other day and I really enjoyed it. The dark, dry humor and sarcasm (as is Vonnegut's way) with such a surprisingly interesting story line really kept me entertained.
I need to see if I cannot go out and pick up a cheap copy for my collection.
I think that I have made it an official goal to own a copy of each of his books, but I only five last time I checked, so this could be difficult.

My next read: Dorian Gray.
My A.P. Lit. class is going to focus on the novel in the coming few weeks. I have already read it, but it's been a few years, so this is actually a great excuse to reread it.

This week's obsessions:
~Blue Valentine (New favorite movie! So fantastic! T_T)
~Watermelon Bubblegum
~Pawn Stars
~Arcade Fire (We'll see how long this lasts)

Have A Rainy Day! <3

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Andy Has The Right Idea

"So let's cause a scene, clap our hands,
And stomp our feet or something, yeah something,
I've just got to get myself over me."
The Format - First Single

Hey, long time no see? Well, it's been long for me, at least. My town got an encore preformance of our snow storms from last week, earning us a snow day on a very convenient day for me (Odd days suck!).

Oh, and my apologies on missing the W.W. again, my camera just does not like to cooperate with me when I upload. I will post the photo a bit later tonight once I get some assistance.


*Insert loud, resounding girly squeal; A flock of birds flies away miles away*

Panic! At The Disco's new album 'Vices And Virtues' is going to be released on February 1st (my half birthday!)! There is already a confirmed leak of their latest single included in it entitled Ballad of Mona Lisa, and I am already bouncing up and down in my seat. Really, sufficient words escape me. I just cannot wait!

Oh, and three dresses have caught my eye this week whilst fumbling around my favorite magazines:

(Michelle Williams at the premier for her latest movie Blue Valentine, top of my list of Must Sees.)

(Natalie Portman winning at last weekend's Golden Globe Awards. Yes, I know, another pink loophole . . .)

(Emily Browning at the premier for Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole not too long ago)

On a final note, anyone who knows me knows full well that I am an avid Vonnegut junkie. I recently got my hands on a copy of God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater. Needless to say I will thouroghly enjoy reading it this week.

Have A Rainy Day! <3

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Awkward Pose, Funny Prose

"Who's seen Jezebel?
She was gone before I ever got to say:
'Lay here, my love,
You're the only shape I'll pray to, Jezebel.'"
Iron & Wine - Jezebel

Here is that photo I promised. Sorry it's late! Not a great one, but the focus is my outfit.

 I was pretty happy with it. =)

Oh, and you cannot see it, but I am wearing my favorite plaid sneakers.

Babydoll - Forever 21
Over-sized Cardigan - JCPenny's
Skinny Jeans - Target
Scarf - Wet Seal
Brooch - Antique Store

The other day I was in my Forensics class (pretty fun) and I kind of zoned out when we started talking about how to research things 'effectively'. I tuned right back in, though, when I heard her mention (500) Days of Summer! Apparently our school had legal access to a website for downloading movie scripts and it was one she used as an example.

Needless to say, I jotted down the wed address and read through it that night! There are quite a few changes from the original draft to the final product. But, in the end, it is still possibly my favorite movie.

God, but do I love her wardrobe.

I seriously need a cookie fix on the double. I have been baking them a lot lately and I cannot even snag one. The raw dough just isn't cutting it right now.
I may have to go out and buy a couple of boxes of Nilla Wafers to hold me through the lovely snow storms.
 Mmm, now I'm hungry! Ah!

Finally, never let yourself sneeze in the middle of straightening your own hair. I was lucky my casualties were minor, but it was almost so much worse.
I mean, my whole body goes into a sneeze usually, so my grip on the searing hot piece of plastic tends to slip and scare me half to death.
Nobody needs that in the morning when still waking yourself up. >_<

Have A Rainy Day! <3

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

January Hymn

"Maybe I should just 'let it be,'
And maybe it will all come back to me,
Sing, oh, January, oh!"
The Decemberists - January Hymn

Due to a few technical trouble, I will post Wardrobe Wednesday's kick-off post tomorrow . . . on Thursday . . . I know. >_<
But in the mean time, I am pretty proud of this t-shirt.

Top - Hot Topic
Heart Pendant - Charlotte Russe

Short post, but this is just to inform you of the mishap which shall be fixed by morning.
Oh, and here is a track from my new Decemberists CD I bought early! ^^

I couldn't resist posting it in January, fantastic album. Expect me to gush for the next week or so.
Thanks for hanging in here with my, guys. I love you a bit more than usual today. ;]

Have A Rainy Day! <3

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Looking For A Lot

"Park that car,
Drop that phone,
Sleep on the floor,
Dream about me."
Broken Social Scene - Anthems For A Seventeen Year Old

Well, I called it! Gorgeous snow and two days off from school because of it. I'm thinking it's time for a snowball fight.

*Spoiler Alert!*

Today is a bit of a solemn day for me (though I do not believe that I am alone in it).
While it may sound a bit hokey, today is the day that the title character of my favorite book, Looking For Alaska by John Green, died in the story. I know it's all fiction, but she really touched my heart. I really don't think that I have cried that hard in a while when I first read the book a few years back.
I guess that that's just proof of what a great book it is.
 I will probably end up doing a review/synopsis post in the near future, but for the time being, I will await the movie release date. Hope that they do it justice!


I have begun the hunt for the fabled "job" recently and am having no luck thus far.
Just a little bit longer and I will be 17! But, until then, the pickings for jobs are pretty slim.

Oh, and I realized the other day that my sister got one of my favorite movies from a friend for Christmas. I am so ecstatic to watch it a few dozen times before she moves out.

Come next week, my Grand Music Excursion begins. So many new albums are being released this month and I have had a special savings fund just for this. I kick it off with Tapes N' Tapes's album 'Outside' and Cake's 'Showroom Of Compassion', both out today. Should be great. =)

Finally, I must thank my older sister for getting me into burning incense. Who knew it could be so relaxing? White Gardenia is definitely my favorite right now and I will need to restock soon.

Have A Rainy Day! <3

Sunday, January 9, 2011

I Got

"In the night where I live,
There's a strange force in your kiss,
All divine in desire."
Young the Giant - I Got

Hello, lovely people (you know you are)!

Looks like the uncharacteristically spring-ish weather is over with on my front, what with snow on the way any minute now. You know, it's funny. I absolutely love cold weather, but lately I have just had this unrelenting feeling that I should go on a picnic or plant a garden or something.
First case of Literal Spring Fever?

Anywhozits, it has apparently manifested itself by intensifying my already fierce obsession with florals.
Yeah, just see for yourself:

 (Zooey Deschanel = great velvet roses dress and icy eyes)

(Natalie Portman = completely cute dress and curls)

(Carey Mulligan = stunning everything!)

. . . I regret nothing . . .

Well, on another note, I am very excited for January 18th. Can you guess why? I will give you a second or two.

*insert Jeopardy theme song here*

Oops, time's up. If you guessed: "The latest Decemberists album comes out that day," then you ARE a winner! At least to me in the music department, anyway. ;)

Catch you later, chickadees!

Have A Rainy Day! <3

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Truly, Madly, Depply In Love

"You're young until you're not,
You love until you don't,
You try until you can't,
You laugh until you cry,
You cry until you laugh."
Regina Spektor -  On The Radio

Yay! Last night's People's Choice Awards named Johnny Depp Favorite Male Actor. Cannot contain myself, too happy! God, but do I love that man.

Isn't it funny how just seeing your friends in passing and saying 'hi' can make your whole day?
Aside from that even, these past few days back at school have been great. All of my difficult classes are on my Odd days, and my fun, creative classes on my Even days. Go figure. Should be interesting to work like this, though. Anyone want to start the pool on when I snap and go postal?

Great news, my incredibly wonderful mom might be getting me that 1960's style sheath dress from Target I have had my eye on! Meaning, I could still go out and get those cardigans I wanted from there in the same trip. Could an optimist get any happier? Stay tuned after a word from our sponsors.

Maybe? <3

Oh, and I have decided to implement Wardrobe Wednesdays. Every Wednesday from now on I will post a photo of my favorite outfit from the week and information like I did last post.

Have A Rainy Day! <3

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


"Well I've seen some better days,
And in each one you were there,
Running circles through the graveyard,
Throwing daisies in the air."
Diane Birch - Valentino

I spent the majority of my day today puppysitting. You see, my grandparents that live in town
(we're really close =]) have these friends who they like to go out to dinner with a lot.
Only problem is that their 8-year-old toy poodle Hershey is terrified of being left alone.
So, I always go over when they are out to dinner or road tripping like today.
He's so sweet! He was asleep in this photo, but woke up to the camera
click just in time to stare me down. Haha, talk about awkward . . .

(Ugh, terrible picture, I know, but it's the best I could do today >_<)

My friends and I had a night out at our favorite coffee house tonight. So much fun.
We figured that we needed one last hurrah before school starts tomorrow.
I was so stoked to wear my new painted floral tank top!
Oh, and I live in cardigans, so fair warning that you may see them in nearly every picture of me. ^^
Although I forgot to wear a brooch today, and that annoys me a bit. Oh well!

Cardigan: Target
Painted Ruffle Tank: Kohl's
White Tank: Old Navy
Jeans: JCPenny's
Snowflake Necklace: Kohl's

Have A Rainy Day! <3

Monday, January 3, 2011

Love Vigilantes

"You just can't believe the joy I did receive,
When I finally got my leave and I was going home,
Oh, I flew through the sky, my convictions could not lie,
For my country I would die, and I will see it soon."
Iron & Wine - Love Vigilantes

Unfortunately, today was less than productive. I got preoccupied with music hunting (my not-so-guilty pleasure) and lost the whole day. On the bright side, I did get the dog a stuffed toy and buy an Iron & Wine album. So, not a totally lost day. :)

I have finally made some plans to have a night out with my older sister Erin and am so excited! I am pretty sure that we are going to go and see Black Swan and have dinner either at Red Robin or Chili's.
Perfect chance to wear this cute dress I just got not to long ago.
I hate that it's so inconvenient to wear dresses at school (outdoor campus). I have to wait for 'special occasions' and that just sucks. Ah, well, I can always make up for lost time over the weekends.

(less freaky poster version and a shot of her cool, feathered dress)

Also, I was with some friends a few days ago scrounging around Barnes & Noble when I saw this quote on a coffee mug:
"If you could do something right now, and knew you would not fail, what would it be?"
It's been stuck in my head and I cannot pick an answer! Erg! 
Cool mug, though, I may have to snag it and just stare at it until inspiration hits. It really should not be this hard of a question . . .

Have A Rainy Day! <3

*Insert Stars Wars Theme Here*

Yay! What a great way to wake up this morning! One of my friends sent me an e-mail with a link to a story, reporting that "Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back" has just been recognized by the Library of Congress to be added to the National Film Registry. Aah! How could it have taken the government this long to realize how good it was? Me thinks this would be a good opportunity to buy that light sabre necklace I saw last week . . . Here is a snippet of the story:

"The honor recognizes the iconic 1980 movie for being artistically, culturally or historically significant. A copy of the original film will be preserved by the registry at the Packard Campus of the National Audio-Visual Conservation Center in Culpeper, Virginia, for future generations." (For the full story, go here.)

Well, now that my mood has been locked into place for the day, I guess that I will just have get some birthday shopping taken care of before I lose anymore time. Now if I could just figure out what to get them . . .

Oh, and I do believe that I have been dubbed Assistant Cupid for the month. You know how it goes: Two of your friends (or in my case six) are 'secretly' crazy about each other. Neither will take the first step. You somehow get sucked in to there business, etc. 
Valentine's Day is five weeks away, people. Calm thine selves! Ah, but I am a sucker for a good love story, so lets just hope it all works out. :)

Today's Goals:
~Send a toy to this older couple's dog I puppysit (more on that later)
~Buy Sammie and Josh amazing birthday presents for their big 1-6
~Nom on some chips and salsa
~Rock some new Christmas gear

Have A Rainy Day! <3

Sunday, January 2, 2011

For Emma, Forever Ago

"So apropos, saw death on a sunny snow,
For every life, forgo the parable,
Seek the light, my knees are cold,
Running home, running home,
Running home, running home."
Bon Iver - For Emma, Forever Ago

Wow! Where has Winter Break gone? School starts again this Wednesday (joy) and I still have so much to do and two birthdays coming up. Well, I do work well under pressure, so I guess I'll just wing it. 

Since my computer is being difficult right now, a link to a set I just made is going to have to do instead of the picture itself. Inspired by the song, created by me. ^^

I recently came across this photo taken of Katy Perry not to long ago online and felt the need to gush about it. Although I usually have a pretty strong aversion to pink, I will make an exception for now. :) Next mission: find me that dress (though, preferably longer . . . )!

And again, while although Reese Witherspoon is basically the embodiment of pink itself, I really like her dress (same online article as Katy's). Maybe I should take these as signs to give pink another chance? . . .
Nah, why spoil such a great love-hate relationship? ;)

Thanks for the help with this last one, Dani!
Have A Rainy Day! <3

Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 = Wizard Fights

Not 10 minutes into the new year, and my friend Jamie and I, whilst clad in shiny hats and matching party horns, dueled Harry Potter style with sparkles. Some where along the line, we struck these bad-ass poses and screamed "Avada Kedavra!" Yeah, we're pretty cool. Oh, and did I mention that I accidently set the lawn on fire (our other friend Nabil's, so no worries, he snuffed it out quickly) after dropping my 'wand'? 

Today's Obsessions:
~Catching up on watching House.
~Olive eye shadow
~Cookies and Cream ice cream

Have A Rainy Day! <3

Ring In The Old

Happy New Year, everyone! While 2010 has come to a close and 2011 officially just began, an old style has caught my attention: Mad Men-esque swishy skirts. Courtesy of, here are a few of my favorites, (from left to right) Gemma Arterton, Daisy Lowe, Kirsten Dunst:


All that I can say, is that I fully appove of this trend and hope that it sticks around for a long time.
Have A Rainy Day! <3