Thursday, January 13, 2011

Awkward Pose, Funny Prose

"Who's seen Jezebel?
She was gone before I ever got to say:
'Lay here, my love,
You're the only shape I'll pray to, Jezebel.'"
Iron & Wine - Jezebel

Here is that photo I promised. Sorry it's late! Not a great one, but the focus is my outfit.

 I was pretty happy with it. =)

Oh, and you cannot see it, but I am wearing my favorite plaid sneakers.

Babydoll - Forever 21
Over-sized Cardigan - JCPenny's
Skinny Jeans - Target
Scarf - Wet Seal
Brooch - Antique Store

The other day I was in my Forensics class (pretty fun) and I kind of zoned out when we started talking about how to research things 'effectively'. I tuned right back in, though, when I heard her mention (500) Days of Summer! Apparently our school had legal access to a website for downloading movie scripts and it was one she used as an example.

Needless to say, I jotted down the wed address and read through it that night! There are quite a few changes from the original draft to the final product. But, in the end, it is still possibly my favorite movie.

God, but do I love her wardrobe.

I seriously need a cookie fix on the double. I have been baking them a lot lately and I cannot even snag one. The raw dough just isn't cutting it right now.
I may have to go out and buy a couple of boxes of Nilla Wafers to hold me through the lovely snow storms.
 Mmm, now I'm hungry! Ah!

Finally, never let yourself sneeze in the middle of straightening your own hair. I was lucky my casualties were minor, but it was almost so much worse.
I mean, my whole body goes into a sneeze usually, so my grip on the searing hot piece of plastic tends to slip and scare me half to death.
Nobody needs that in the morning when still waking yourself up. >_<

Have A Rainy Day! <3


  1. I whole-body sneeze too! I sneezed the other day and cracked my lower back...go figure. PS, I love that all your outfits are from affordable stores :)

  2. Aw, I'm sorry. It's so inconvenient, you know? I was lying down once with my legs crossed and kneed myself in the nose because I sneezed so hard. Haha, not my proudest moment!
    P.S. Thank you. I splurge every now and then, but I prefer not selling a kidney for a sweater. ;)

  3. I am so jealous you got to read the (500) Days script!!
    P.S. That's my favorite poster for the movie; Zooey looks tres adorable and she's wearing that stunning dress from the wedding scene #cantgetanybetter


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