Thursday, January 6, 2011

Truly, Madly, Depply In Love

"You're young until you're not,
You love until you don't,
You try until you can't,
You laugh until you cry,
You cry until you laugh."
Regina Spektor -  On The Radio

Yay! Last night's People's Choice Awards named Johnny Depp Favorite Male Actor. Cannot contain myself, too happy! God, but do I love that man.

Isn't it funny how just seeing your friends in passing and saying 'hi' can make your whole day?
Aside from that even, these past few days back at school have been great. All of my difficult classes are on my Odd days, and my fun, creative classes on my Even days. Go figure. Should be interesting to work like this, though. Anyone want to start the pool on when I snap and go postal?

Great news, my incredibly wonderful mom might be getting me that 1960's style sheath dress from Target I have had my eye on! Meaning, I could still go out and get those cardigans I wanted from there in the same trip. Could an optimist get any happier? Stay tuned after a word from our sponsors.

Maybe? <3

Oh, and I have decided to implement Wardrobe Wednesdays. Every Wednesday from now on I will post a photo of my favorite outfit from the week and information like I did last post.

Have A Rainy Day! <3


  1. Glad I could make you smile! Looks like you have an interesting blog! Target has some really good finds :)

  2. Aw, thank you! Haha, honestly, I love Target more than the mall. It's just my go-to store when I need something. =)


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