Sunday, January 9, 2011

I Got

"In the night where I live,
There's a strange force in your kiss,
All divine in desire."
Young the Giant - I Got

Hello, lovely people (you know you are)!

Looks like the uncharacteristically spring-ish weather is over with on my front, what with snow on the way any minute now. You know, it's funny. I absolutely love cold weather, but lately I have just had this unrelenting feeling that I should go on a picnic or plant a garden or something.
First case of Literal Spring Fever?

Anywhozits, it has apparently manifested itself by intensifying my already fierce obsession with florals.
Yeah, just see for yourself:

 (Zooey Deschanel = great velvet roses dress and icy eyes)

(Natalie Portman = completely cute dress and curls)

(Carey Mulligan = stunning everything!)

. . . I regret nothing . . .

Well, on another note, I am very excited for January 18th. Can you guess why? I will give you a second or two.

*insert Jeopardy theme song here*

Oops, time's up. If you guessed: "The latest Decemberists album comes out that day," then you ARE a winner! At least to me in the music department, anyway. ;)

Catch you later, chickadees!

Have A Rainy Day! <3


  1. also i see a print screen from my blog! glad you like audrey and austen as much as i do


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