Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Kiss With A Fist

"A kick in the teeth is good for some,
A kiss with a fist is better then none."
Florence and the Machines - A Kiss With A Fist

I was kind of surprised by the poll results this month, but I keep good on my promises, so here is something I've been working on. A reader shot me an e-mail with a list of prompts to choose from and challenged me to write a paragraph about one. I chose number two and ran with it. 

Prompt #2: "Write about falling for a guy (literally!) and add as many angsty details as possible. Oh, and can it be from 1st person?"

I Fell For You

      My knees came into contact with my driveway and were overcome with the too-hot friction between flesh and old cement. My face was as warm as my hands were red from catching myself as it flushed with embarrassment. I moved to stand up, my eyes shying downwards, when I noticed your old sneakers come into view and stop in front of me, felt your hand on my shoulder gently but firmly keep me in place on the ground. You squatted down in front of me and I willed myself to suck it up and look at you. My heart went into overdrive when I was met by fierce emeralds, crinkling at the ends as I noticed you fighting a smile (for my sake) and asked me the standard "Are you okay?" I nodded and noticed when I tried to stand again that your hand had not moved from my shoulder and again kept me down. You were holding a fast food cup in your other hand, I deflated a bit when you removed your hand from my shoulder to fish around in the drink till you produced an ice cube. You told me to show you my hands and knees, which were still aflame, as were my cheeks, and I did, sitting back on my butt. You pressed the ice cube to each scraped area and my body twitched each time, a low hiss escaping from my lips like the one I could all but hear coming from my skin. Along with both the former and the latter burns I was receiving came a third and all too familiar one; the kind of burn that is not instantaneous, but sneaks up out of nowhere and pricks you first and builds in your stomach to stew. Your first plan of action is to just ignore it, but you cannot ignore it. It continues to build and build and eventually causes your joints to ache with a throbbing need for something, like your brain knows that you should not want that something, but the rest of your body is caught in a barely muffled scream of "Yes, you really should!" This particular Want Burn is one that everyone feels at least once in their lives and is lucky if they acquiesce. My want in question was my older brother's life-long best friend, the man, you, squatting not a foot away from me. I was acutely aware of the fact that your skin was still touching my skin during my revelry. After the ice had done its job of eventually soothing the afflicted areas, you grabbed my less damaged hand mostly by the wrist and hoisted me up with ease before I could register your actions, eliciting a surprised squeak from me. You released your grasp and I was left mesmerized by the way you smiled at me, heartbreakingly refulgent, your eyebrow quirked. You asked if my brother was home and I breathlessly told you yes and then you said that you would go up to his room and mess with him after I had had my "soon-to-be gnarly battle scars" actually cleaned and bandaged. I followed you into my house and felt a fresh wave of the Want Burn hit me, this time radiating in my newly scraped knees as I felt them grow weak when you kept the door open for me. I fell for you a long time ago, but never had I been happier to fall in front of you if it meant I could carve out this bit of time with you, however minuscule a moment it really was.

Well, what do you think? I didn't edit it, I just dove in head first. It was fun to stretch my writing muscles, feel free to send me more prompts and I might use them. 

Also, this week I was on stumbleupon and found these two videos, they are too cute! I hope my kids are this into music when I'm older. ^^

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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Combat Baby

"Combat baby, come back,
How I miss your ranting,
Do you miss my all time lows?"
Metric - Combat Baby 

Tonight was the night of the 2011 MTV Movie Awards and my expectations for the red carpet have been met nicely. Here are a few of my favorites who I really think deserve some praise: 

(Emma Watson of Harry Potter and My Week With Marilyn, looking absolutely angelic in a gorgeously beaded form-fitted white dress.)

(Lily Collins of The Blindside sports an edgy mini dress with an animal print, though still looking very classy.)

(Emma Stone of Zombieland and Superbad looks almost too spectacular whilst sporting her vintagey cocktail dress.)

I absolutely love that these three have high-necked dresses, it is so hard to find a decent dress nowadays without showing way too much skin. 

(Andrew Garfield of The Other Boleyn Girl and The Amazing Spider-Man is adorable in his twist on the typical red carpet garb.)

Haha, yeah, he's just a cutey. ^^ 

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Friday, June 3, 2011

Sleeping With Bears

“We’ll share a soft and subtle kiss,
 This is bliss, there is no point to it.”
Pearly Gate Music - Sleeping With Bears

So I have been punching in some major hours on the computer this past week to get a jump on my Summer To Do List, and I decided to write this post to prove to myself that it wasn't a complete waste of my time. X] 

I am a night owl and an early riser (I function well on little sleep), and I found this website of a guy who is like that, too. It's called Good Morning & Good Night and the stuff he posts is so cool! I have a total blog crush on him, haha. :P 

By religiously following his posts, I came across another blog and I cannot stop reading it. I know that it's a little cheesy by some people's standards and more than a bit girly/mushy, but I'm an optimist and think that it is cute, so bite me. And somehow, when reading those romantic posts, it sparks my creative side and I have written some pretty good poems as of late. Shall I post one? Comment and tell me so. 

Oh, and here are a couple of tops I was thinking of ordering:

(Dark wash jeans and some black gladiators?)

(I would wear this French Alphabet Tunic and the next one with tights or black shorts.)

(I just love the lace detailing on this. ^^)

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