Sunday, June 5, 2011

Combat Baby

"Combat baby, come back,
How I miss your ranting,
Do you miss my all time lows?"
Metric - Combat Baby 

Tonight was the night of the 2011 MTV Movie Awards and my expectations for the red carpet have been met nicely. Here are a few of my favorites who I really think deserve some praise: 

(Emma Watson of Harry Potter and My Week With Marilyn, looking absolutely angelic in a gorgeously beaded form-fitted white dress.)

(Lily Collins of The Blindside sports an edgy mini dress with an animal print, though still looking very classy.)

(Emma Stone of Zombieland and Superbad looks almost too spectacular whilst sporting her vintagey cocktail dress.)

I absolutely love that these three have high-necked dresses, it is so hard to find a decent dress nowadays without showing way too much skin. 

(Andrew Garfield of The Other Boleyn Girl and The Amazing Spider-Man is adorable in his twist on the typical red carpet garb.)

Haha, yeah, he's just a cutey. ^^ 

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