Friday, June 3, 2011

Sleeping With Bears

“We’ll share a soft and subtle kiss,
 This is bliss, there is no point to it.”
Pearly Gate Music - Sleeping With Bears

So I have been punching in some major hours on the computer this past week to get a jump on my Summer To Do List, and I decided to write this post to prove to myself that it wasn't a complete waste of my time. X] 

I am a night owl and an early riser (I function well on little sleep), and I found this website of a guy who is like that, too. It's called Good Morning & Good Night and the stuff he posts is so cool! I have a total blog crush on him, haha. :P 

By religiously following his posts, I came across another blog and I cannot stop reading it. I know that it's a little cheesy by some people's standards and more than a bit girly/mushy, but I'm an optimist and think that it is cute, so bite me. And somehow, when reading those romantic posts, it sparks my creative side and I have written some pretty good poems as of late. Shall I post one? Comment and tell me so. 

Oh, and here are a couple of tops I was thinking of ordering:

(Dark wash jeans and some black gladiators?)

(I would wear this French Alphabet Tunic and the next one with tights or black shorts.)

(I just love the lace detailing on this. ^^)

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Have A Rainy Day! <3

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