Friday, December 31, 2010

Just A Feeling

Hey, if you are reading this, thank you a bunch! My first post! Well, here is 'just a feeling' (finally got the new Maroon 5 CD and cannot help the references) for what to expect from me from here on out. My thoughts on:

~Make-Up How Tos
~Movies/Books/Music I ardently like.
~Photos of me, loved ones, and random people/things.
~Anything that made me laugh long and hard.

The world never ceases to surprise me, so I figured it might be fun to document it all. So, if you like sarcasm, vintage, good music, movies worth watching, pearls, art, lots of books, daring adventures, and blind optimism, tune in every once in awhile for at least three updates a month. :)

Have A Rainy Day (a great day in my book),

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