Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Bust Your Kneecaps

"Johnny you told me,
You were no fool, you were no chump,
Then you got cold feet,
Now all you'll be is a speed bump."
Pomplamoose - Bust Your Kneecaps

So my lovely older sister Erin just turned 21 today. Gah! I feel so old (if that makes any sense)! 

Also, Finals are coming up in school and I'm not freaking per say, just afflicted with a healthy dose of fear. *sweat drop* Really, I'm fairly confident in all of my classes, just not my Math class. I have always struggled with Math, it just never made much sense to me. I'm usually a straight A student, but Math just tarnishes that with a C every single time. :/

(I was out the door to my friend Taylor's birthday party, hence the gift bag.)

Blue Babydoll - Old Navy
Charcoal Wrap - Charlotte Russe
Biker Booties - Wet Seal
Nautical Pendent - Charlotte Russe
Brooch - Flea Market

Oh! And here is my new nail polish caddy!

(I've got them all lined up according to color on and above the shelves, plus some ipod speakers on top. My nail art pens are tucked away in their package between the caddy and the restroom wally/counter. The row in front consists of OPI Shatter, glitter/sequin, thin tipped polishes for detailing, and my clear polish. I am SO happy right now. ^^)

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  1. This outfit is adorable! Also I'm totally jealous of your wicked nail polish collection. I have maybe four colors? The rest I steal from friends.

  2. lovely outfit! i was terrible at maths too at school! i need a nail varnish caddy like that, fantastic collection! x


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