Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Many of Horror

"You say "I love you, boy."
I know you lie.
I trust you all the same,
I don't know why."
Biffy Clyro - Many of Horror

So here is a summation of my day today: Nutella Feast + The Princess Bride + Migi Nail Art Pens = Crazy wicked end to my birthweek (to my knowledge)! :3

(Cross-body purse with vintage French postcard design from Nanny. <3)

Caitlyn got me my long sought after Migi Nail Art Pens today!

(A blurry shot of my nails with white Shatter nail polish over some lilac OPI. I decided that Shatter's instructions were pretty simple and didn't need a tutorial.)

(First, remove all nail polish and apply a clear coat to protect your natural nail.)

(Next, apply two coats of a color of your choosing. I chose this mint green.)

(Then, draw little red, random blobs on your nails with either a nail art pen or the end of a bobby pin.)

(Finally, add tiny pink swirls and two or three leaves on each rose and a coat of clear. Voila! Veni vidi vici! You have yourself a handful of rosebuds!)

Also, a few friends of mine who could not go to my birthday dinner last week surprised me today by taking me out to lunch and we ended up having a Nutella Feast and watching The Princess Bride

(What have we learned today? Best. Birthweek. EVER! =D)

Haha, anyway, I leave you with Cobra Starship's new song that has me giggling as I play it on repeat. The best kind of love songs are silly and personal, I think. ^^

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Have A Rainy Day! <3 


  1. love love the rosebud design, don't think i'd be able to them so nicely! x

  2. That rosebud mani is too cute! I'll have to try that out. Thanks for sharing :-)



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