Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Gimme Sympathy

"Talk like an open book,
Sign me up,
Got no time to take a picture,
I'll remember someday all the chances we took."
Metric - Gimme Sympathy

So the 60 degree rainy weather has finally graced us with its presence and I am ecstatic, especially with an outdoor campus. ^^ I just don't see why so many people fuss over cold weather. I mean, it's when I can break out my omni-present cardigans more casually and bake snickerdoodles/sip hot cocoa to my liking. What's wrong with that? 

Oh, and here is that manicure I promised last post:

(I will admit that this was not my cleanest work, but I blame the hangnails I forgot to pluck.)

To get this surprisingly easy newsprint look, keep scrolling:

1.) Cover your nails in a clear base coat so as to protect your nails.

2.) Do two coats (depending on your nail polish) of a light, neutral color, such as my Fiji Weegee Fawn by OPI. <3

3.) Pour a small amount of Antiseptic rubbing alcohol into a dish.

4.) Have a piece of newspaper at the ready. It does not take much, nor does it matter what it says, as it will show up partial and backwards regardless.

5.) One completely dried (and without a clear coat on top), dip one nail flat into the dish and quickly and firmly press the newsprint words to your nail for about ten seconds.

6.) Carefully peel back the paper and be careful not to smudge like I did with my middle finger.

7.) Apply clear coat so the ink does not rub off and repeat process for the rest of your nails. 

Also, lately I've gotten into rewatching all of the episodes of Batman: The Animated Series & The Batman. My Graphic Novel class is taught by my favorite teacher and I'm learning a ton about superheroes (which is really saying something, if you know my nerdier side), so it was only natural that it would have me prowling around the roots of two of my Top Five Heroes: Batman and Nightwing/Original Robin. 

Just for yucks, here are my Top Five Heroes (in no particular order, mind you):

*Nightwing (grown-up, original Robin, Dick Grayson)
*Flash (3rd, Wally West)
*Spiderman (he and Daredevil were biffles, just saying)

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Have A Rainy Day! <3

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  1. i love that song and i adore your nails, i've been wanting to do this for ages! x


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