Sunday, November 27, 2011


"And you keep telling me,
Telling me that you will be sweet,
And you will never want to leave my side."
Nero - Promises

Mint Ripple Supplies:
~ OPI clear coat
~ Sally Hansen Minty Sorbet
~ Black Migi Nail Art Pen

My friend Caroline and I before we had our girls' night on Halloween. She was a French witch and I was decked out in 60s Mod wear. Haha, trick-or-treating is something we don't plan to give up till college, so next year will be our last time. But you know how our night went this time? 

Sugar High -> Candy Coma -> Halloween Hangover

Now my hair is still a tad damp from the rain outside, but this is the best photo I could take of it. It's naturally got really thick waves to it, but today I decided to rock my natural hair. I don't know, I kind of like it this way, so I may start letting my self sleep in an extra 25 minutes and stop straightening it. Woot! More sleep! ^_^

Single again (never date an ex, there is a reason you broke up in the first place), and loving all of my girl time. Note to self: only date if the guy trumps raw cookie dough and Dance Central all-nighters with friends. <3 

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Have A Rainy Day! <3 

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