Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ringlets and Gears

"Love hurts, whether it's right or wrong,
I can't stop 'cause I'm having too much fun."
Avril Lavigne - What The Hell

Hello, loves. 
It's been a pretty crazy week at school. We had our spring comedy production of The Gamester, and I got to help out with the make-up crew. I learned that I am pretty badass when it comes curling ringlets under pressure. *cue David Bowie/Queen's song* 

After we finished up each night, a bunch of us in the crew and cast would go out to dinner and one of the nights we wandered into Steak & Shake (God, love it), which is thankfully open 24/7 and always has a patient staff (we tip well!). My friend Kelsey and I got our hands on the kiddie menus and assembled some cardboard cars. 

(Hot Rod Chicks ^^)

Oh, and I recently came across a potential new obsession: steampunk. I'm not so into the extremity of if as a lot of its followers are, but I love the edgy feel it gives to vintage. Check out this necklace: 

Also, this site explained shows off a lot ingenious projects that steampunks have made. This, for example, is what someone did to their computer *mumbles* and boy am I jealous . . .

Oh, and my friend Aaron recently got me hooked on these guys on youtube. Now, I'm not promoting them exactly, but you definitely would not regret listening to their renditions of songs I thought I hated from overplay, like the one above (also there is always funny background action): 

Oh, and thanks to all who muscled through my venting last post. I chose Thing 1 (my friend Tyler, for those who did not guess) and we have a date this Friday. *cocks shotgun at anyone about to hum Friday* I'm pretty excited. ^_^

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Have A Rainy Day! <3


  1. Friday, Friday...Got to get down on Friday!

  2. If all goes well I will base my hope for good relationships on your success with him. So don't mess up!

  3. First, you think that I'm kidding about the shotgun . . . :P And second, that's sweet! Haha, but wait, hey! X]


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