Sunday, April 3, 2011

Big Jet Plane

"She said, 'Hello, Mister,
Pleased to meet ya,'
I want to hold her,
I want to kiss her."
Angus and Julia Stone - Big Jet Plane

Hello, my fellow spring chickens! Are you all as raring to go for cool rain, sunshine, walking barefoot in the grass and tank tops as I am? =]

But maybe first I should start out with a gush over my latest musical obsession, Angus and Julia Stone. Who knew that siblings could make such sweet tunes? Check out my favorite that I quoted above:

March has been busy for whatever reason and I have a few photos that I will post soon of some outfits I am pretty proud of. I've been inspired lately and am feeling confident with the sudden mood swings in weather (one day snow, the next day 80's . . . got to love Kansas).

Like a lot of people, I fanatically watch the NCAA Tournament and filled out a bracket. I am a die-hard KU Jayhawk fan and had them winning against Butler for the whole shebang, but as you know there were many upsets this season, an example being Duke's loss so early on. Ugh, my brackets were surprisingly perfect up until that and KU, then I just tossed it out. Lordy, it was flat out depressing when my Jays lost. I actually cried a bit. :*( 

On a happier note, I got asked to prom by a very good friend of mine and I just picked up my dress a little over a week ago. It's strapless, a deep, apple red, and floor length. It's fitted at the top and just flows naturally. Here it is hanging on my closet door: 

(Sorry for it being sideways, but you get the picture. Ah! Unintentional pun of the day! ^^)

This Month's Obsessions: 
~Cat Eyes
~House (yes, still, and the episodes are bumming me out lately)
~A band named Fun.
~Red Velvet Blue Bunny Ice Cream (Ace of Cakes star Duff created this heaven)
~The seasoned french fries at Chili's 
~Rewatching Pokemon

Well, enough with my gabbing. Get on with your bad selves! 

Have A Rainy Day! <3

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